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Longnan Zhongcheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Address:The 6th plant of HuiLong District, Longnan Economic and Technological Development Zone ,Longnan County,Jiangxi Province



Service Hotline15382876272


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Ganzhou Longnan Zhongcheng Electronic Technology Co., a professional production and sales of high-quality DIP switch, RF test switch, precision hardware accessories, precision injection molding accessories. We are constantly innovating and actively learning to absorb domestic and foreign technical process, with Taiwan's automated production lines and testing equipment, key raw materials from the United States and Japan and other foreign imports, the company established a sound quality system, the products are widely used in digital products, elevator control , High-frequency transmission, air conditioning control. Zhongcheng since its inception, continue to break through the technical field, cultivate talents, improve precision instruments and equipment, improve product self-made, so as to achieve development and production. To stable quality, reasonable price, customer feedback. The future we will still adhere to the easy to use a special adhere to the "quality is the lifeblood of the enterprise, the customer is the eternal mentor" quality policy. Manufacturing more and more sophisticated products.